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the main issues of lombok

An island located near Bali, Lombok was a popular tourist destination due to it’s stunning landscapes and rich culture. Unfortunately a severe earthquake struck the island in 2018 which led to a decline in tourism which is the main driver for the economy. Combining this with poverty and lack of essentials, Lombok has a series of challenges that need to be overcome in order to become a thriving community. Various efforts are being made to increase tourism such as the 2021 MotoGP, however, many social challenges still exist on the island.


The local communities of Lombok lack the necessary educational facilities that are required for learning and development. One of the main causes of this issue is the poor management of funding. Unfortunately, local children are losing out on an education due to these conditions, with some schools not even being in a real building. Learning and development is a particular problem that needs to be addressed.


In West Nusa Tenggara, the health sector is a particular cause for concern. There are 5 main issues with the health system which include stressing the Stunting rate, reducing maternal mortality, infant mortality, non-communicable diseases, controlling TB, and maximizing immunization. Despite the local governmental focus on improving healthcare, there is still much effort that needs to come from NGO’s and various charities in the surrounding areas.


There is a large difference between those that are rich and those that are poor across Indonesia. Income for the poor is extremely low and has adverse effects such as no healthcare, lack of food, poor hygiene standards, and much more. Each of these circumstances can lead to a number of issues for local communities and must be addressed.


Environmental quality is known to be of poor standard in many areas across Indonesia. With a high population crowded into small spaces that are poorly planned, problems with the environment are evident There are poor waste management systems across Indonesia, heavy pollution from the cities, and a lack of general cleanliness in every location which leads to long-term environmental effects.

clean water

The quality of water across many parts of Indonesia is unsafe. Most water is undrinkable and will be contaminated with various bacteria that cause sickness & diarrhea. These conditions are much worse in remote areas where there is sometimes no access to clean water. This is a focus of the government and of the Foundations projects, where they aim to assist local communities by providing access to necessities.


There is a severe lack of employment opportunities in Lombok due to a lack of industrialization and sole reliability in the tourism industry. Most locals focus their efforts on agriculture or working in the hospitality industry. Some of these wages, however, are too low to survive on. By creating new projects and initiatives the Foundation can focus on these local economic issues and create employment opportunities for locals.

the solution

our focus

Invest Islands Foundation is committed to supporting the local community through a variety of projects that will provide employment, natural preservation, re-investment opportunity, and community belonging

In order to successfully tackle these issues and address the problems that Lombok faced, the Foundation had to be innovative in their approach. Through careful planning and generating a unique company structure, each project could be implemented and start to deal with the pressing issues facing the local communities of Lombok. Following the mission and vision of the organization, each project was established to tackle a different issue. Just as the founders envisioned, the projects created started to impact the communities in many ways.

The implementation of various beach cleaning projects has provided education, employment, eco-sustainability, and re-investment opportunities.
The creation of a recycling center has increased the focus on cleaning the environment, which has not only provided the community with cleaner beaches but also enabled them to re-use their own recycled plastics. It has also enabled locals to receive additional income.
A school was founded in Batu Bangke area, providing electricity, books, equipment and the necessary education that local kids need for the future.
The introduction of organic farming methods has provided safe and healthy food to the community, while also providing education and employment.


Pollution has been a major cause of concern in Lombok with more awareness needed

Lombok lacks the waste disposal facilities that modern towns have and as a result of this, many areas are heavily polluted with waste. Local beaches are spoiled by the build up of plastic waste and other unsanitary items. See what our solution is to the waste pollution in Lombok.

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The economy is weak,  employment is lacking and there is no sustainability

This issue coincides with the waste pollution issue in Lombok. Unfortunately, the island lacks the facilities to dispose of this waste, hence why the pollution builds up. In addition to this, there are no recycling initiatives that encourage a greener living or promote eco-sustainability. Read about our impact on the local community with this Foundation project.

educational CHALLENGES


With poor education facilities and lack of proper resources, locals are being denied a full education

Many of the schools in Lombok are located in remote areas that are inaccessible by road. This not only results in lack of students but it also means the buildings are in poor conditions. Combining this with a lack of resources and technology, educational standards are very low, if not non-existent on the island. Our vision is to provide educational reform, learn more below.

plantation CHALLENGES


Many of the farms in these areas use harmful chemicals and run at expensive costs

Agriculture is essential in locations across Indonesia, in particular, Lombok. Unfortunately many of the local farmers are running up high costs of running a farm, using harmful chemicals on their crops, and getting a low crop yield. The Foundation has revolutionised farming in Lombok with this project.

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