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The Invest Islands Foundation currently focuses its efforts on four primary initiatives: Bank Sampah, Organiika, Saudari Lombok, and Berajah Project. Each initiative targets a different fundamental aspect of the community.

As the Foundation has seen unprecedented results with these initiatives, it intends to expand and replicate their success in the near future. With many communities facing similar issues across Indonesia, the successful models of these projects can be easily replicated. The overall aim of these initiatives is to provide support to communities, create job opportunities, and promote eco-sustainability within the regions.

Thanks to the Foundation's innovation, there is always the possibility of implementing new projects that can bring even greater value to the local people of Indonesia and possibly the world.

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“With the focus on providing to the community, promoting eco- sustainability, increasing access to education, and reducing waste, Invest Islands Foundation hopes to transform the way local businesses operate.”

Each initiative is located in a strategic area that benefits the communities the most dependant on its purpose. This is to ensure that the local community can enjoy the maximum benefits of each project and ensure the continuation of each.

The Batu Banke school project is situated in an ideal location for the children due to its accessibility. A problematic factor in the Lombok communities was access to education due to poor road access, which is the reasoning for this prime location. This will also lead to improved connections with external partners, increase in supplies, and ultimately a higher standard of education.

The Bank Sampah and Saudari Lombok initiatives are interlinked and therefore located within close proximity to each other. The Bank Sampah initiative involves the collection of waste materials around the local beach area which then need to be recycled. The recycling is done via the Saudari Lombok recycling center which is where the materials collected need to be transferred to.

Organiika Farm is located in a prime agricultural location to ensure the highest qualities of produce and gains from the land. This project has more recently been introduced yet the results have been incredible. Generating organic produce, the goal is to provide a healthy food source to locals and educate local farmers on new sustainable farming methods.

beach cleaning project

bank sampah torok raya

“Waste collection with innovative recycling to transform into reusable products”

Bank Sampah targets primarily the female population in the surrounding areas. Many women in these regions face social and economic challenges. Through this project, women are empowered and given the chance to support their families.

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women-led social enterprise

saudari lombok

“A fundamental project that is the first female-run social enterprise in Lombok”

Focusing again on the empowerment of local women, this project excels in providing opportunity to underprivileged women in the local area. Located in Torok Bay, this project engages the local female population in collecting waste materials on the beach which are then recycled.

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educational project

batu bangke school

“Improving access to education - Fundamental for success in life”

Education is essential for the progression of every generation. In Lombok, a stable educational system was missing and the Foundation rectified that. The Batu Bangke project re-developed a run-down school and implemented resources & technology to provide a higher standard of education to local kids.

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"Tree planting - Sustainable living - Balanced ecosystems"

Reforesting areas for local communities is essential for environmental balance and a legacy of greener tomorrows. The Organiika Initiative is reshaping the landscape of Indonesia by using innovative tree planting methods to reintroduce native and beneficial trees. Through education, this project aims to inspire how local communities think about their land for generations to come.

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The Foundation focuses on charities that are fundamental to the health, welfare, and future of the children located in Lombok. This is an important aspect of the Foundations mission and focuses on 2 main charities.

peduli anak foundation

Focusing on child welfare in Lombok and Sumbawa, this non-profit organization is dedicated to providing essential necessities that every child should have access too. This includes family care, medical & legal aid, and education which ultimately supports underprivileged children. The children have encountered difficulties in life and directed to this organisation through social services.

pelita foundation

The Pelita Foundation focuses on educational programs for young children. Where there is a lack of education in communities, the Pelita Foundation, supplies it. They develop each program specifically to meet the needs of each community. Each program focuses on a different area of learning. They are also building temporary earthquake-proof schools in north Lombok following the 2018 disaster.

harapan project

This NGO has the mission of helping the most vulnerable and fragile communities of Indonesia. They focus on the well-being of people in need and cover various areas that are vital for survival. The Harapan Project was founded on solid beliefs and with full respect of the cultural values of indonesia. They aim to provide everyone with the best way of life possible.


This foundation is popular amongst Indonesia for many reasons. They focus on supporting & encouraging humanitarian leaders that will ultimately reciprocate across Indonesia. These individuals mainly consist of young people that have disabilities or a sickness. Through intense media distribution the message of this foundation is reaching locals all over the nation.

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Water, Sanitation, hygene, health

wsHh project


Not only are water supplies an issue across most of Indonesia, they are particularly problematic in Lombok. In Batu Bangke Hill, a remote location in Lombok, water supplies are not adequate for health & safety reasons. With a lack of clean water supplies, locals often purchase tanks or purchase deep wells that come at a high expense. This project has assisted the local communities with innovative methods such as rainwater harvesting, to provide better access to water.


Sanitation is sparse in Indonesia with statistics showing that less than 7% of the total population have functioning sanitation systems implemented. Particularly in Lombok, many houses lack access to toilets and in remote areas, public schools have poor hygienic facilities. The Foundation has been working on resolutions for these fundamental necessities which has resulted in creating the Tiger toilet. This resulted in implementing an eco-friendly toilet in the local Selong Belanak School.


Across local communities in Indonesia, Hygiene is often an issue for most people. Common factors that are not addressed are personal hygiene, environmental cleanliness, and waste management. This can have a detrimental effect on health and ultimately quality of life. Working closely with educational facilities and organizations, we assist in creating hygiene awareness through local campaigns.


Although healthcare facilities are plentiful in Lombok, the island has many remote locations that cannot access these facilities. With a lack of health care, quality of life can be severely impacted and have wider repercussions. The Foundation has been cooperating with the local health care centers to organize health visits to these remote communities. The goal is to improve health for the locals that cannot access their right to healthcare.

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