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Planting Trees for a Greener Tomorrow

The Organiika initiative is our response to the devastation of deforestation in South Lombok. Through reforestation, we're restoring its natural beauty, contributing to a balanced ecosystem, and providing a brighter future for generations to come.

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Reforestation brings countless benefits:

  • RESTORING NATURAL HABITATS: Our efforts to plant native trees are reviving habitats for various species, promoting a rich and diverse ecosystem.
  • PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT: Trees play a pivotal role in combating climate change, absorbing harmful toxins, and preventing soil erosion
  • SUPPORTING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: By collaborating with local farmers for tree planting, we're investing in the community, ensuring a sustainable future for all.


The Organiika Farm benefits the island of Lombok and local communities in many ways. Firstly, by encouraging and supporting the production of organic food, the local economy can thrive. Local businesses can source fresh & healthy food from the local farms instead of paying other areas to import. Secondly, the food produced is much healthier for the local people and tourists that visit the island. Lastly, by showing farmers these innovative organic farming methods, other independent farmers can gain valuable knowledge. Ultimately this can encourage other farmers to run an organic farm and potentially expand to other parts of Indonesia. Organic farming is essential for the economy of Lombok and can make a difference within the local communities.


Unfortunately South Lombok has been devastated by deforestation over many years. Timber cutting in addition to slash & burn hillside agriculture, has severely reduced the percentage of forested areas. As a result of this, areas that are being developed lack the lush green landscapes. The Foundation, with the Organiika project have introduced a nursery to combat this which aims to produce over 2000 trees which can be used at development sites.

Following the tough dry season for the trees, those that survive are then monitored until they are strong enough for relocation. When the trees are ready to be relocated, they are transported to a planting site which is in South Lombok. The trees will then have to spend a week acclimatizing to the local conditions that are much different than the nursery. Special care is taken when planting the trees and this process must be done in the rainy season to give them the best chance of survival. Local farmers are then paid to begin the planting process and the trees are successfully planted.

The first year of the tree's life is the most important and survival can be severely impacted during this time. Every tree needs special care and attention to ensure it’s getting the necessities for survival and growth. It is inevitable that throughout the dry season some trees will be lost and to counteract this, the project plants extra trees. Once the tree has successfully survived a dry season, it has successfully adapted to the environment, the roots have grown deep enough, and the tree will survive.

Once the trees are in the nursery, they are given extensive amounts of care to ensure the correct growth. Each tree is planted into organic fertilizer that is full of specialized microbes that are essential in generating healthy trees and growth. The nursery is located at the Organiika farm where the climate is perfect for the growth of young trees. Due to the lack of water and mild temperatures, trees can thrive in these conditions. Every individual tree is grown organically with a strong seedling and sturdy roots to ensure a successful plantation in South Lombok.

A specific tree type is focused on with this project as it must provide shade, protect from erosion and ultimately create a beautiful landscape. This is done by collecting tree seedlings from locations that are similar to those in development areas to ensure they “belong” in that environment. The project tries to focus on native trees and also those that can benefit the land & wildlife in the area. Each selection of tree type is vital to attract natural wildlife, grow fruits, and ultimately look pleasing to people.

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